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Description. This race differs from the last iti having the whole chin, throat and upper breast dark ashy, the feathers of the chin and throat having white bases and those of the breast white central streaks.

Colours of soft parts as in P. e. ertjtJirogenys.

Measurements. This form is a little smaller than the last, wing U2 to 102 mm.

Distribution. Himalayas, Garhwal to Sikldm.

Nidification. Breeds in May and June at all elevations between 2,00U and .S,000 feet. The nests and eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the last. Habits do not differ from those of P. e. erythro(jenys.

(221) Pomatorbinus erythrogenys macclellandi.

McClelland's SciMiTAK- Babbler.

Pomaforhinus maccUllandi Jerdon, B. of I., ii, p. .32 (1863) (Khasia Hills); Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 125.

Vernacular names. Dao-(jurrum-hvlu (Cachari).

Description. In this race the flanks are olivaceous instead of rufous, and the breast is white streaked vvith dark ashy brown.

Colours of soft parts as in erythrocienys.

Measurements. This is a smaller bird than the last two, w ith a wing of about 87 to 93 mm. In this, as in all the IScimitar- Babblers, the female is decidedly smaller than the male, and the smaller dimensions given refer to that sex. The bill is only about 3U to 32 mm. and more slender than in the previous two races.

Distribution. Assam, tSonth of the Brahmaputra and Cliiii Hills. Nidification similar to that of the last two birds. I'orty eggs average 26"5 x ly'3 m. The breeding season lasts from early April to laie June, and nests n)ay be found at all elevations between 2,500 and 0,000 feet.

Habits. These do not differ from those of other birds of the same genus, but this race wanders down very low in winter, for iStevens obtained it in the Lakhimpur plains in January toMarcli.

(222) Pomatorliinus erythrogenys gravivox.

David's Scimitar-Babbler.

Pomator/iimcs (/ravivox David, Ami. Sci.Nat., xviii, p. 2(1873)(South Shen.--i).

Vernacular names. Chi-ha-ivo-graw (Kacbin).

Description. Differs from P. c. macdeUandi in having the flanks rufous and the breast streaked witli black.

Colours of soft parts and Measurements as in P. e. maccldlandi ..