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318 TIMALIIDiE. speckled all over with light red. They measure 17'4xl2-6 lum. All the uests were taken in May.

Habits. Very little on record but it is found from 3,000 feet upwards and principally between 4,000 and 7,000 feet. A gre- garious bird and haunting trees in forest in preference to the lower" hushes and smaller cover.

(340) Yuliina gularis yangpiensis.

Siiakpe's Yuhi:va.

Yiihinn ycnujpiemis Sharpe, Bull. B. O. C, xiii, p. 11 (1900) (Yangpi, Yimuan).

Vernacular names. Gliee-chaiv-'pum-frong, Chee-chaw, Pum-cJiee- chdii' ( Kachin).

Description. A'ery simihir to the last but is more olive-brown and less fulvoiis-hrown above and the crest is fulvous-brown in- stead of a rich hair-brown.

Colours of soft parts. Iris brown; upper mandible black, the lower liorny; legs and feet orange. Measurements as in Y. g. gnlaris.

Distribution. Hills South of the Brahmaputra, Chin Hills, Shan States and Yunn;in.

Nidification and Habits unrecorded.

(341) Yuliina diademata ampelina.

Eippon's Yuliina.

Yuhina rf?H/7^-///*a Rippou, Bull. B. O. C.,xi, p. 12 (1900) (Warabuoi, Bhamo Hills).

Vernacular names. C'hee-chaiv-pum-fromj, (Jhee-chaw, Fuin- cJiec-cJtaw (Kachin 1.

Description. Crest, wing-coverts and upper parts dark earLh- bruwn; a line of silky-white feathers from each eye meeting between the occiput and nape; crest with lighter shaft-streaks; bastard wing and primary-coverts dark brown; quills black, the shafts brown, changing to white at the tips and the priuiaries edo-^id with wlute at the ends; tail-feathers brow n, dusky on the inner webs and at the tips and with white shafts; lores black; eyelid white; sides of face and ear-coverts greyish brown, the latter with pale shaft-stripes; ttie anterior pare of the cheeks darker brown; under parts earthy-brown, darker on chin and throat, greyish on the breast and paler on flanksĀ : centre of abdomen and tail-coverts white. Axillaries and under wing- coverts bite with brown patch.

Colours of soft parts. " Iris clear chestnut; bill and feet yellow" (David).