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PTEKUTHIUS. 331 pliagklce but, tliough tliey may in some respects approach this family, they seem to me to be nearer the Timaliidce, in which I retain them. The bill is about one-half the length of the head, strongly hooked at the tip and with the margins sinuate; the rictal bristles are weak. The nostrils are the same as in Liothriv hitea as are also the wing and tail but the upper tail-coverts only reach to the middle of the tail. The feathers of the crown are ample but do not form a crest, the tarsus is strong and quite Timaliine. Key to Sitecies and Subspecies. A. Inner secondaries chestnut. a. Crown black P. crijthruptcrits, S ■, P- ^-'^l- h. Crown bluish irrev P. erythrontcnis, 9 , p. 832. [p. 333, B. Inner secondaries golden jellosv 1 ceralatus (eralatiis, S , C. Inner secondaries tipped with chestnut P. ce. cBralatus, $ , p. 333. D. Inner secondaries bluish grey or green . c. Crown greenish yellow. a'. Nape bhiish-ashy. [p. 333. a" . Tips of wing-coverts white .... P. melanotis melanotis^ J , 6". Tips of wing-coveits salmon-pink P. m. melanotis, ^, p. 334. V . Nape greenish yellow. c". Tips of wing-coverts white .... P. m. intermedins,!^, p. 335. d". Tips of wing-coverts salmon-pink P. m. intermedins, 5 , p- 335. d. Crown Ijlackish. [c/iloris, (S , p. 335. c'. No wdiite ring round eye P. dunthochloris xantJio- d'. A white ring round eye P. x. pallida, (^ . e. Crown dark grey. e' . No white ring round eye P. -v. xanthuchloris, 5 , p. 336. /'. A white ring round eye P.x. pallida, 5 . f. Crown pale ash-grej' P. x. occidentalis, S , p. 336. //. Crown pale greenish grey P.x. occident<ilis,2 , ^-SSii. P. .r. pallida (David, Yunnan) is very likely to be found in the N. Shan States, so is included in the key.

(354) Pteruthius erythropterus.

The Red-winged Shrike-Babbler.

Lanius erythroptenis Vigors, P. Z. S., p. 22 (1831) (Himalaya Mt.) (Murree, Punjab).
Pteruthius erythropterus. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 224.

Vernacular names. Dan-hranji (Cachari).

Description. — Adult male. Forehead to nape, lores, under the eye and ear-coverts black; a broad white supercilium; upper plumage bluish grey, some of the upper tail-coverts tipped with black; tail and wing-coverts black; primaries and outer secondaries darkbrown, edged with glossy black and tipped with ^hite; inner secondaries chestnut, lower plumage very pale greyish white, the sides of the throat, centre of the abdomen, vent and under wing- and tail- coverts pure white; lower parts of the flanks pale rusty.