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34G TIMALIIDÆ, Genus CHLOROPSIS Jard. & Selby, 1826. 1 have already referred to this genus wlien dealing with It contains a large number of species of bright plumage, principally green, which extend from Ceylon, through India, Burma, Siam etc. to Western China and through the Malay Peninsula to the islands. It is represented in India hy six species, some of u Inch have numerous geographical races and are spread over a very wide area. In this genus the bill is slender and curved and about as long as the head, the tip is notched and the nostrils are oval; the rictal bristles are weak; the frontal feathers are advanced up to the nostrils; the wings are rounded, but are less so and longer than in the more typically Timaliine birds; the tarsi are very short, resembling in this respect the Pycnonotiihe. Key to Species and Suhspecles. A. Forehead rich yellciw-orange. a. Chin and throat brijrlit blue. [p. 346. a' . A yellow collar round blue throat .... C. cmrifrons aurifrons, b' . Yellow collar absent or obsolete C a. inormita, p. 349. h. Chin and throat black C. a. davidsoni, p. 348. B. Forehead greenish or yellowish. c. Abdomen orange C. hardwickii, p. 349. d. Abdomen green. c . Outer webs of primaries blue C. icterocephala chloro- d' . Outer webs of primaries green. [cephala, p. 350. a". A bright patch of colour ou wing- coverts. a". Moustachial streak a mere short, narrow line C. I'iridis zosterops, b'". Moustachial streak broad and [p. .3.51. occupying the whole cheek .... C. jerdoni, p. 352. /; '. No bright patch of colour ou wing- coverts C. cyanoj)ogo>i, p, 353.

(368) Chloropsis aurifrons aurifrons.

The Gold-fronted Chloeopsis.

Fhylioniis cmnfrons Temm., PI. Col., 484 (1829) (Cachar).
Chloropsis aurifrons. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 235.

Vernacular names. Svhz-harewa (Xepal); Hurriba (Beiig.); SlcaJem-pJiO (Lepcha).

Description. Eorehead and fore-crown golden-orange; chin, cheeks and extreme upper throat brilliant purplish blue; remainder of throat, ear-coverts, round the eye, lores and a narrow line up to the nostrils black; an indistinct supercilium and a broad band surrounding the black of chin and throat golden-yellow, a patch