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(396) Hemixus macclellandi binghami.

Hartert's Shan Bulbul.

Iole holti binghami Hartert, Vög. Pal., ix, p. 558 (1902) (Loi-San-Pa, S. Shan States).

Vernacular names. None recorded.

Description. This form differs from the Himalayan and Davison's Brown-eared Bulbuls in having the upper plumage brown, not green. It is nearest to H. m. holti, from Southern China, in its abdomen being paler and whitish rather than rusty rufous and in its paler upper parts.

Measurements. "Wing 108 mm.; tail 115 mm." (Hartert).

Distribution. South Shan States.

Nidification and Habits. Nothing recorded.

Within a comparatively small area we have many forms of this Bulbul—H. m. holti from S. China, H. m. similis Rothschild from Yunnan, H. m. ticlelli from the Karen Hills, H. m. macclellandi from the Chin and Kachin Hills. Apparently these are all good forms. From Annam, Messrs. Robinson and Kloss describe yet another form as H. tichelli griseiventer (Ibis, 1919, p. 508).

Genus ALCURUS Hodgson, 1843.

The only species in this genus is a conspicuous and easily recognized bird with ample crest and striped plumage. The crest springs from every portion of the crown and is of considerable length when erected, the feathers being narrow but of the same width throughout and not sharply pointed. The bill is small and only half the length of the head; the tarsus is scutellated but in young birds is almost smooth throughout. The tail is slightly rounded and the wing rather pointed.

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Fig. 76.—Head of Alcurus striatus.

(397) Alcurus striatus.

The Striated Green Bulbul.

Trichophorus striatus Blyth, J. A. S. B., xi, p. 184 (1842) (Nepal).

Alcurus striatus. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 266.

Vernacular names. Senim-plek-pho (Lepcha); Chichiam (Bhutea).