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(402) Molpastes hæmorrhous chrysorrhoides.[1]

The Chinese Red-vented Bulbul.

Hæmorrhous chrysorrhoides Lafr., Rev. Zool., p. 367 (1845) (China).

Molpastes atricapillus. Blanf. & Oates, i. p. 270.

Vernacular names. Kator-tor-mang (Kachin); Ko-kai-kwun (Chinese).

Description. This form is distinguished from all others by its almost white ear-coverts; the general plumage is paler and the black of the lower parts confined to the chin. The black of the crown is sharply defined from the rather pale brown hind neck and back.

Colours of soft parts as usual.

Measurements. Wing about 85 to 111 mm. Chinese birds vary between 90 and 111 mm. and two very doubtful birds from Tenasserim have wings of only 87 mm.

Distribution. From the North of Karenni through the Kachin Hills. Shan States and Yunnan to South-West China. Birds from North and Central Siam are also of this race. Birds from South-West Siam and East Tenasserim are doubtfully referable to this race.

Nidification. The nest and eggs are described as similar to those of the Bengal bird and a series of the latter obtained by Staff-Surgeon Jones at Hongkong might stand almost equally well for any of the other races. They average 21.8 × 16.7 mm.; the longest and shortest are 22.9 × 17.3 and 20.6 × 16.4 mm.; the longest is also the broadest, and the most narrow is 21.5 × 16.1 mm.

Staff-Surgeon Jones says that the eggs number from two to six in a clutch and that the nest is often placed in a fir-tree at a considerable height from the ground.

Habits. The Chinese Red-vented Bulbul is the same familar bird in China and the Burmo-Chinese countries that the Indian Red- vented Bulbul is in India but over a great part of its range it is a bird of the semi-jungle and forest land as well as of villages and towns. Otherwise in all its habits it differs in no way from the other geographical races.

(403) Molpastes hæmorrhous bengalensis.

The Bengal Red-vented Bulbul.

Molpastes bengalensis Blyth, J. A. S. B., xiv, p. 566 (1845) (Bengal); Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 271.

Vernacular names. Bulbul, Bulbulli (Hind.); Kala Bulbul (Beng.); Bulbul-sorai (Assam); Dao-bullip (Cachari); Inrui bullip (Saga.); Paklom (Bhut.); Mancleph-pho (Lepcha).

  1. Muscicapa atricapilla of Vieill., Nouv. Dict. d'Hist. Nat., xxi, p. 489 (1818) is preoccupied by Linné, 1768, and cannot be used.