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Genus PINAROCICHLA Sharpe, 1881.

This genus contains a single species very closely allied to Otocompsa but different in having the feathers of the back and rump with rigid and spinous shafts. If the fingers are passed along the back from the tail towards the head, the prickly character of the feathers can easily be felt.

The crest of Pinarocichla is shorter than it is in our Indian species of Otocompsa but not shorter than in the Siamese Otocompsa flaviventris johnsoni and very little shorter than in O. fl. minor.

(415) Pinarocichla eutilota.

The Crested Brown Bulbul.

Brachypus eutilotus Jard. & Selby, Ill. Orn., iv, pl. ii (1836) (Singapore).

Pinarocichla eutilota. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 279.

Vernacular names. None recorded.

Description. Crown greyish brown, with blackish shaft-stripes; lores, cheeks, ear-coverts and sides of neck paler, without stripes; back, rump and scapulars ochraceous olive, the feathers of the

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Fig. 79.—Head of P. eutilota.

rump banded with black showing up in places as black patches; upper tail-coverts and tail ferruginous, the outer three pairs of tail-feathers tipped with white; wing-coverts and inner secondaries brighter and more ochraceous than the back; primaries and outer secondaries dark brown, the outer webs ochraceous; the whole lower plumage whitish, suffused with grey on the breast and with yellow elsewhere.

Colours of soft parts. Iris crimson in the male, wood-brown to litharge-red in the female; bill black; legs and feet dark grey- or plumbeous-brown to black (Hume & Davison).

Measurements. Total length about 225 to 230 mm.; wing 84 to 99 mm.; tail about 95 mm.; tarsus about 18 to 19 mm.; culmen about 13 mm.

Distribution. Peninsular Burma and Siam to Sumatra, Java and Borneo.

Nidification. Unknown.