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two hundred pounds in value were ticularly stout policeman giving chase ordered not to wear silk, or tiffany hoods, to a dog. The offender was promptly or scarfs, or any apparel with any lace on haled into court and "sent up" for it, gold, silver, or thread. "scandal." The General Court was plain-spoken A German, in attempting to board a in giving its reasons for enacting this moving train, fractured his leg. After law. It records "its utter detestation six months in a hospital, he was dis charged; whereupon the State Railway and dislike that men of mean con dition should take upon them the garb Department at once prosecuted him for "infringement of regulations." He was of gentlemen." The court's "detestation and dislike" fined a sum equivalent to five dollars. also extended to "women of the same Upon entering an omnibus a man trod rank" who wore the garments "allowable on the foot of a woman, who was so in to persons of greater estates or more lib censed by the incident that she re eral education." Such practices, "in marked that he walked like a hen. For persons of mean condition," the court this term of reproach the lady was fined judges "intolerable." twenty marks. But though "intolerable," the court Claire Waldoff, the Berlin singer, had to endure not only this leveling once cleverly outwitted the police. She spirit, but the desire for display. They had been warned that if she sang any passed laws against "slashed clothes," of her songs on Easter Sunday there which showed the linen underneath, and would be trouble. But announcement against "short sleeves, whereby the was, nevertheless, made that Claire nakedness of the arm may be dis Waldoff was positively to appear. She did so — so did the police; and she sang covered." But the democratic spirit, aided by the German National Anthem. The the women's fondness for dress, was too promised prosecution did not take place. strong for the legislature to master it. MUMM'S THE WORD They reluctantly acknowledged that A member of the Mumm family of Paris, whose the colony had outgrown its minority, name is a household word with champagne drinkers, and was not to be retained in leading was recently shot by an American woman said to strings, by abolishing these sumptuary be socially prominent. No arrest was made and the family made every effort to keep the matter laws. Thenceforth men and women quiet. News Item. BEHIND this little tragedy were allowed to dress as their taste Enacted in Paree, dictated. No doubt there lies some comedy, For it is plain to see She would not shoot without a cause HUMORS OF GERMAN COURTS Considering that it Is dead against all laws. IN Berlin not long ago an iron But silent as the grim old Sphynx worker was sent to prison because And as an oyster dumb he had laughed at a policeman. It Are all who know the facts. appears that, as this man was proceed Mumm I wonder says,why! "Keep mum." » ing along a street one day, his risibili SIRIUS SINNICUS. ties were aroused by the sight of a par The Editor will be glad to receive for this department anything Ukcly to entertain the readers of the Grctn Bag in the way of legal antiquities, facetie, and anecdotes.