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Reviews of Books areMilwaukee, matters of minor importance. In Wis. making appointments to courts of last resort, it is not always wise to advance sitting members of the lower courts. The best equipped and available mem ber of the legal profession, on the bench or off of it, should receive this judicial distinction and honor. All thought of favoritism, of political considerations, of geographical location, should be ignored. Let the would-be appointee


be a clean man, of profound learning, particularly in the law, of great industry, of an unsullied personal life, with an inherent love of legal justice. Cast aside mere reputation, which may, or which may not be, well deserved. Give us instead character in its largest and broadest sense. These are a few of the significant qualifications for the occupants of the bench of this coun try.




not discuss tort actions for the negligent use of electricity but confines itself to The Law relating to Conflicting Uses of Electricity the more subtle problems which arise and Electrolysis. By George F. Deiser, of the between electric light, telephone and Philadelphia bar. T. & J. W. Johnson Co.. Phila telegraph and electric railway companies, delphia. Pp. xv. 128+10 (index). ($2.50.) out of the disturbing effects which THE text-book which is probably the electric currents in close proximity most useful to a practising attor inevitably exert on each other in their ney is one which covers a narrow subject normal operation. exhaustively, for there he can find not The latter part of the book, which only all the law on a case within the comprises in all but one hundred and scope of the book, but can find it without thirty-eight pages, is a full consideration wading through the extraneous matter of the electrolytic action of escaping and generalities of which the usual text and grounded currents upon gas and seems chiefly to consist when definite water pipes, the steel work of buildings information is desired on a specific and the like. All the cases up to the point. Mr. Deiser's "Conflicting Uses date of publication have been included. of Electricity and Electrolysis" is an The book should prove particularly admirable example of this type. The useful to lawyers interested in the law book deals not only with a narrow sub of public service companies and muni ject, but with one of comparatively cipal corporations. recent origin, the principles of which are not very generally understood. In HISTORY OF THE CALIFORNIA clear and concise language Mr. Deiser BAR lays down the general rules which con History of the Bench and Bar of California. trol the liability of users of the electric Edited by J. C. Bates. With portraits. Bench current to the public and to each other and Bar Publishing Co., San Franciso. Pp. 572. and follows with a thorough analysis THE greater part of this book is made up of short biographies of of the leading cases. The book does