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The Green Bag

"I can't be in Boonville during that month. That will be my regular vaca tion." "You hear what your lawyer says," remarked the Judge to the prisoner. "Your trial will begin at the time stated, and if the Governor cannot be present you would better arrange to have some one else to represent you." The trial was held as stated, and the lawyer was on hand.

names on the records well it looks to Me like one gang is trying to blame the other and one will not tell and the other das.nt and I guess each think if I can stand it They can and it is great fun while I hold the Bag if that is not Constitutional Sabotage what is it. She had no children

THE HABIT OF WORDY ARGUMENT More than one judge of late has attributed the increasing length of trials to the growing habit of repetition at the Bar. It is not a new complaint. "He was careful to keep down repetition to which the counsel, one after another are very prepense; and, in speaking to the jury CONSTITUTIONAL SABOTAGE on the same matter over and over again, the A CORRESPONDENT who shall be waste of time would be so great that, if the nameless wrote to the Green Bag as judge gave way to it, there would scarce be an end, for most of the talk was not so much for follows: — the causes as for their own sakes, to get credit the Peoria Illinois Star of January 18th and 20th in the county for notable talkers" thus it 1911 prints that an Aunt of Mine left 40 is written in the biography of Lord Chief Justice acres coal land Ise written to Officials from North. A certain amount of repetition (says Secretary Knox to the County Clerk to find the Globe) is, of course, necessary for emphasis, out when it was She died and Who it was got to say nothing of comprehension. Lord Parker, what She left. I've taken the clippings to in a humorous speech he made at a law students' Lawyers and They tell me that They cannot dinner a day or two before his elevation to the get an answer to Their inquiries I went to the House of Lords, remarked that when he was Legalaid Association and get the same Answer at the Bar he made it a practice to repeat each from Them, it is too much trouble for the argument at least twice. And the new Lord of County Clerk to tell me when it was that She Appeal's practice never required him to address died and the Probate Clerks answer is no such a jury! — The Law Journal. The Editor will be glad to receive for this department anything likely to entertain the readers of the Green Bag in the way of legal antiquities, facetia, and anecdotes.

USELESS BUT ENTERTAINING "I'm certain, William," she began, "When Johnny grows to be a man, And his mind's bias finds expression. He'll choose the medical profession. Last night I noticed at the table How thoughtfully he cautioned Mabel About the hurtfulness of pie." "His talents," William answered, "lie, Judging from what I heard and saw, Rather along the lines of law: Though all he told her might be true, He ate his pie and Mabel's too." — Lippincott's. A Milwaukee lawyer tells this story: "It was in one of the rock-ribbed Democratic dis tricts of Mississippi. During a Congressional

election, someone asked an old "colonel" if they had no Republicans in the district. The old timer replied that some years before a Repub lican had been a candidate for Congress, had received two votes and was promptly arrested for repeating." — Exchange. "Prisoner at the bar," said the judge, "is there anything you wish to say before sentence is passed upon you?" "No, my lord, there is nothin' I care to say; but if you'll clear away the tables and chairs for me to thrash my lawyer, you can give me a year or two extra." —Tit-Bits. Shortly before his death the late Chief Jus tice Fuller presided at a church conference.