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Little Tin Pan Though oft the prized fulfillment of a wrong ambition spells Nought but a suit of motley with dangling cap and bells. When Ingalls wrote his sonnet, he grandly counseled all To welcome Opportunity when she is pleased to call. Though this advice is excellent, it should be understood There are two other visitors really "just as good." The One is gentle Cupid, the wise undo the lock And warmly bid him enter when he consents to knock; The Other raps in thund'rous and quite uncivil way, But many a man has reason to bless the lucky day When Nemesis called to see him and administered one quick, Extremely efficacious and well-directed kick. All three, in prompt succession, sought out a little man Who bore the sounding nickname of Little Tin Pan. The gifted bard of Avon once said that though we hew Our ends with reckless roughness, nearly chopping them in two, Calm destiny restrains us, and invariably reserves The right to add the final decisive lines and curves. It must have been no other than Destiny in person That introduced young Lucius to Katharyn McPherson; She flashed on his horizon like a pinwheel spitting glory And changed his placid day-dreams into quite another story. To describe her is not easy (also not necessary), But like to other heroines, she was good looking (very!), And so prosperous was her father that she was always told That her vermillion coiffure was the shade of beaten gold. The Wherein To Did "Weprove which Lucius statethe the with isreally following apoint quotation greatest love in question leader her? pleasure fromThe is the is soberly that to most columns show asdisplayed convincing we Exhibit of gothe to: Blade A, press way

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