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authors. Like most men whom culture has broadened Judge Richardson was hos pitable to new ideas. He was unlike an other judge of the same state of whom it was said : "It is of great importance that Judge Wingate should form a correct opinion before he pronounced it, for after that, law, reason and authority would be unavailing."

Richardson's readiness to abandon a ruling he had once made was not relished by some of the lawyers. Jeremiah Mason was once pressing a point on the judge with all that force for which he was remarkable. "The impression of the Court is in your favor," said the judge. "Yes," retorted Mason, "but I want your Honor to stick!"

Correspondence BEFORE DAWN


To the Editor of The Green Bag: Sir: The following letter (no year given) was found among the private papers and correspondence of the late Senator James R. Doolittle of Wisconsin. The case, no doubt, was one pending in the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Ryan, mentioned, was the late Edward G. Ryan, later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. The author of the letter, Matthew H. Car penter, was the great constitutional lawyer of the Badger State, and later a United States Senator from that state. The letter was doubtless intended for Mr. Doolittle, who had been a judge of one of the Wisconsin courts before be coming a Senator. The letter is yellow with age and was probably written prior to the year 1860. The letter is too clever not to have a place on the pages of your magazine. Duane Movvry.

To the Editor of The Green Bag : — Sir: The Peoria Illinois Star of Janu ary the 18th and 20th 1911 tells of an Aunt of Mine leaving 40 acres (coal land) but that is all ever been able to find out although written to all kinds of Officials Papers and others and tried to get Lawyers even paid the 25 cts. retaining fee to the Legal Aid Society here They said They could no answer get from Peoria well when I cant get a Lawyer am I a fool if I say that if I am given the facilities of a Law yer that I.d be willing to face any or all in this case, because none will take it or tell me why must I sit down and look up at the sky. when the Star printed what it did the Administrator Mike Manning of Glasford Ill and His Sister a Mrs. Cook of Emporia Kansas died a short time afterward He was a Mason and good Lodge Man and when I wrote to the Probate Judge there was a Billy Manning Alias Mahoney killed up there nobody knows who done it nor why I was told a man that name had settled up Mrs. Wrights affairs well well the papers say the 2 of them (the Mannings) were former Saloonkeepers and a tombstone and a

Milwaukee, Apr. 26. Dear Judge: — Mr. Ryan says that in the case Dalton v. Strong, he has no brief; & has quite forgotten the points. That the bill of exceptions was prepared with great care and will show you the whole case, in the twinkling of a bedpost. Truly yours, Mat. H. Carpenter.