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The Legal World pointed by the Governor to revise the procedure and practice of the state, each made extended addresses as to what should be done, but the committee made no definite recommendations. George N. Davis, Circuit Judge-elect of Mult nomah County, delivered an address, taking as his subject, "A Dual Obliga tion of the Lawyer." The following officers were elected: president, Charles H. Carey; secretary, W. L. Brewster; treasurer, C. J. Schnabel. Rhode Island. — Former Associate Jus tice Charles C. Mumford of the Superior Court was elected President of the Rhode Island Bar Association at the annual meeting in Providence Dec. 2. It was voted that the President ap point committees on new members and prepare a code of ethics. A proposed act prepared by former Chief Justice Charles Matteson, giving to creditors a remedy supplementary to execution, was presented and referred to committee with full powers. At the banquet, Walter George Smith of Phila delphia spoke on "The Lawyer as a Citizen." The officers were elected as follows: President, Charles C. Mumford; vicepresidents, Nathan W. Littlefield, Nathan B. Lewis; secretary, Howard B. Gorham; treasurer, James A. Pirce; ex ecutive committee, Albert A. Baker, Frederick Rueckert, Amasa M. Eaton, John E. Canning, Archibald C. Matteson. Vermont. .— The annual meeting of the Vermont Bar Association was held at Montpelier, Vt., Nov. 12-13. In the absence of R. E. Brown, the president, Clarke C. Fitts of Brattleboro, vicepresident, presided. The president's address on "Law and its Enforcement," was read by the secretary. A recom mendation was adopted for a constitu


tional amendment placing commutation of the death sentence in the hands of the Governor instead of the legislature. The following officers were elected : president, Clarke C. Fitts of Brattleboro; vice-presidents, John G. Sargent of Lud low, George B. Young of Newport, E. C. Mower of Burlington; secretary and librarian, John H. Mimms of Burling ton; treasurer, Edwin M. Harvey; board of managers, L. C. Moody, Frank W. Williams, Charles D. Watson and Guy W. Bailey. Miscellaneous Arizona adopted the judicial recall into its constitution in November. President Taft, it will be remembered, vetoed the act for the admission of Arizona as a state because it contained the recall provision. All of the Idaho constitutional amend ments voted on at the recent election were adopted. The vote in favor of the initiative was 38,921, against 19,377; in favor of the recall 36,827, against 14,094. Less than half the voters ex pressed themselves. Woman suffrage amendments to state constitutions were adopted in November in Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, and Ari zona. In Wisconsin figures the amend ment was defeated by about 75,000 majority, the Teutonic and Scandi navian sections of the state standing out most strongly against it. The new public insurance law of Germany, which goes into effect Jan. 1, requires that every one in private em ployment whose annual earnings do not exceed 5,000 marks ($1,000) must be insured by the state. The premiums vary with the wages; to illustrate, they amount to about $64 on an income of $800, and are payable half by em