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Fourth Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Bar Association THE Massachusetts Bar Association ond part dealing with rare and luminous held its fourth annual meeting at discernment with the problems of indus Springfield, Mass., on December 19-20, trial competition and the attacks of pure with President Charles W. Clifford of democracy upon representative govern New Bedford in the chair. The session ment. opened with the presentation of a por President Clifford said in part: trait of former Chief Justice Marcus "In order that you may have at a Perrin Knowlton, painted by Irene E. glance the general work which the asso Parmelee of Springfield, to Hampden ciation has performed during the year County to hang in the Springfield court I refer, in respect to the executive com house. The speech of presentation was mittee, to the careful investigation and made by Attorney-General James M. discussion running through several meet Swift of Fall River. Glowing tributes to ings which it has undertaken under the the former Chief Justice were offered by authority of your vote authorizing it to William H. Brooks, District Attorney adopt a code of ethics for the associa Christopher T. Callahan, Henry W. tion. The issue before the committee Ely, and A. L. Green, all of the county upon this centered largely in the ques bar. tion whether the association should The session in the court house ended adopt for the sake of uniformity the with an address delivered by Dr. code adopted by the American Bar Charles W. Eliot, President Emeritus Association as very slightly modified of Harvard University, on "The Popu by the Boston Law Association, or lar Dissatisfaction with the Administra whether it should adopt the code pre tion of Justice in the United States." pared by its own committee, which This paper contained many suggestions varied very greatly in phraseo'ogy from of value. The recommendation, for ex that of the American Bar Association ample, that bar associations should ap and in some matters in substance. point strong standing committees with "The committee were divided upon plenary powers to act in matters of this question, but finally informally legislation is most timely. (The paper adopted the code prepared by the com mittee of this association. I cannot is reprinted on pages 65-74 supra.) In the evening the speakers at the speak too highly of the care, attention banquet at Hotel Kimball were former and ability with which this subject was Chief Justice Knowlton, Henry M. considered by the members of the com Rogers of Boston, Stephen S. Taft of mittee. The executive committee has Springfield, C. S. Anderson of Worcester, also acted as provided in the consti and John C. Hammond of Northamp tution on many questions submitted to it by the committee on legislation, by ton. The second day's session opened with the committee on grievances and by the President Clifford's annual address, the American Bar Association and other first part of which was a review of the organizations and individuals, and at the request of Judge Waite at its last year's work of the association, the sec