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O Stay, my Love.

O STAY, my love! my William, dear!
Ah! whither art thou flying?
Nor think'st, thou of my parents here,
Nor heed'st thy Susan's sighing?
Thy country's cause and honour's call,
Are words that but deceive thee:
Thou seest my tears, how fast they fall—
Thou must not, William! leave me.

Who'll o'er them watch, if thus we part,
In sickness or in sorrow?
In some cold shed, with breaking heart,
Where will they comfort borrow;
Neglected left, no William nigh,
To cheer, protect, relieve them;
I helpless thrown aside to die:
Thou must not, William! leave them.

Ah! me—and think a summer flown,
Perhaps we part for ever;
The fondest hearts that e'er were known,
Unpitying death will sever.
Then why e'er waste or throw away?
'Twill pass too soon, believe me,
Our day of love, our little day—
Thou must not, William! leave me.