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Ruins, ancient and modern, bearing marks of oriental splendour and extravagance; the relics of Monarchies now passed away; prostrate columns, broken arches, colonnades, fountains, statues, shattered and shot-battered walls, scathed monuments, telling of the horrors of war, rebellion and siege; neglected gardens and roofless, dismantled palaces, fast falling into decay, are all objects of interest and curiosity to the tourist, the antiquary, the historian, the archaeologist and the lover of art. The city of Lucknow, the capital of Oudh, abounds with objects of this description in all the intense sublimity of ruin, and evincing the stern decrees of fate that have thus destined them to destruction, and that, but for the present volume, would have ruthlessly consigned them to everlasting oblivion. The thrilling historical or traditionary narratives that from time to time have been published, and the glowing descriptions that have been given by travellers, have, since railway communication became available, had the effect of considerably increasing the number of visitors; the want of an "Illustrated Album," that should also act as a guide, being consequently felt, the present volume has been prepared, at great expense, and profusely illustrated, to supply that want, and the projectors hope that it will