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"His ashes in a peaceful urn shall rest;
His name a great example stands, to show
How strangely high endeavours may be blessed,
When piety and valour jointly go."

This monument is erected by his sons, widow and family.




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At a spot, a few miles eastward of the city, stand the ruins of the old palace of Bebeapore. Newab Ausuf-ood-dowlah, the first of the Newabs who made Lucknow the capital, built this palace as a country residence, and enclosed a park, in which an immensity of small game was preserved. Whenever a change of residents, or political agents, to the King's Court, took place, the new arrival always had this palace placed at his disposal, until he should be conducted in state to the Residency in the city. It was from here that went forth the memorable decree of the Government of India for the deposition of Wuzeer Ali, the adopted son and heir of Ausuf-ood-dowlah. Wuzeer Ali was subsequently removed to Benares, where he became notorious as the murderer of Mr. Cherry, the Governor-General's Agent. It was here also that Lord Teignmouth held a grand Durbar, the object of which was, to obtain the enthronement of Newab Saadut Ali Khan, in succession to Wuzeer Ali. The object was attained, and the reign of Saadut Ali Khan proved eminently successful.

The palace might still be so far repaired as to be inhabitable, but there does not, at present, appear to be any special way in which it could be utilized. The park is utterly neglected, and is now infested with wild animals.