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opposite side of the Goomtoe, on level ground in front of Hazaree Bagh. The British Resident, no doubt much to his disgust, used out of courtesy to attend these exhibitions.

Upon the annexation of the province, the " Mote Mahal" was used temporarily as a Commissariat store. It has since been purchased from Government by the Maharajah of Bulrampore, who has entirely changed the aspect of the buildings and of the surrounding country ; the " pearl dome," formed in defiance of all mathematical rules of architecture, has disappeared, and the buildings comprising the " Mote Mahal" have assumed a grand Baronial appearance, in keeping with their romantic history.

Like all other buildings on record, the " Mote Mahal" was enclosed by a high wall and, in 1857, was strongly fortified by the rebels. It had, like the rest, to be taken by storm, which was accomplished by Sir Colin Campbell, who made it a depot for heavy guns and spare stores. It was here that Brigadier General Cooper commanding the Artillery, Lieutenant Crumb, Madras Artillery, and Dr. Bartram lost their lives ; Colonel Campbell also received a wound that, in a few days, proved mortal. One, however, was fortunate, that was Private Duffy, of H. M.'s 90th, who recaptured a gun that the enemy had taken, for which act of gallantry he was rewarded with the V. C.



On the left of the road will be seen the—


View No. 17.

This building, as will be seen from the view, is castellated and surrounded by a deep scarped ditch ; intended evidently for purposes of defence. The structure was commenced by Saadut Ali Khan, and finished by Ghazee-ood-deen Hyder : the purpose that these monarchs had, when design-