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Leaving the Western gate, a large four-storied building, surmounted by a gilt semicircle and, originally, a gilt hemisphere or semi-dome, is seen. This is the—


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The house of " Caesar's pleasure.'" This fantastic building belonged to Roshun-ood-dowlah,King Naseer-ood-deen Hyder's Prime Minister, but Wajid Ali Shah, the last King of Oudh, took possession of it, under what understanding is not known, and placed it at the disposal of a favourite Mehal, Maushookos Sultan, for her residence. It was in the tykhanas, or underground chambers, of this building, that the British captives, Miss Jackson, Mrs. Green, and the rest, were confined, up to the time they were led out to the front of the gateway, already described, to be publicly and barbarously murdered.

The interior of the Kaiser Pussund was originally decorated sumptuously and furnished with the usual Oriental magnificence ; the exterior still has a very palatial appearance, as may be seen from, the view ; but the whole pile has been for years past, and is still, put to a very different use to what it was intended to serve : its spacious and lofty rooms are now turned into the offices of the Treasury, City Superintendent of Police, the Courts of the Deputy Commissioner, the City Magistrate and others. The structure must have cost an immense sum, and may be taken as a fair specimen of the notorious extravagance of the rulers of Oudh.



To the right, at the end of this road, is a small arch known as—


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This arch was formerly called " Share Barwaza, or Tiger's Gate. The history of the extraordinary feats of arms,