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C. S., now a Commissioner in Oudh, were literally buried in the ruins, but were dug out, alive and not much hurt.

A little to the rear of the Cawnpore Battery was Dupratt's Garrison. M. Dupratt was a French gentleman of indomitable and even reckless courage. His manner towards the enemy was not only defiant in the extreme, but by gesture and vociferous, or positively insulting, language, he tried his hardest to exasperate the rebels and thus cause them, in the height of their rage, to expose themselves in an attempt at a futile attack, hurriedly organized ; and many a mutineer bit the dust, through the extraordinary system of tactics adopted by this brave and enthusiastic Frenchman. It was M. Dupratt who received overtures from the miscreant Nana Saheb, offering him a " command" of a most important nature in the rebel army. To the everlasting honor of the French nation, be it recorded, that M. Dupratt scornfully rejected the offer. He was at length killed by a shot, whilst gallantly defending his post.

Near to this spot are the ruins of a building that was occupied by the Martiniere boys, who, under command of their Principal, rendered valuable service by attending the sick and wounded, and performing various duties, such as grinding corn, &c, conducing much towards the comfort of the besieged : they were also brave and active in defending their post, firing well directed vollies at the enemy. Many of those boys, now men, may be recognized, in the ranks of the present Lucknow Rifle Volunteer Corps, their breasts displaying the honors they won in the memorable siege of the Bailie Guard.

The Cawnpore Battery, the position of which has already been pointed out, was considered as desperate and dangerous a post to hold as any in the whole line of defences ; here, as elsewhere, the enemy made frantic, though futile, attempts to carry the place by storm. Hand-grenades, thrown amongst the crowds of yelling fanatics, dealt death and de-