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Banks' Islands 'Suqe'

them. Then, preceded by a man carrying aloft in a dish the money paid for the palako by the giver of the feast, the bearers danced round with them as if with burdened steps. A drum was beating all the time, and singing going on. he newly-advanced giver of the feast danced out and round, kicking up his heels behind him, and carrying a palm-leaf umbrella before his face, because of his modesty, they said, in his new position. Then a man of high position in the Suqe pranced forth and made a speech. The correct thing seems to be to pant a good deal, as other people cough, to disguise a want of eloquence; it shews that the orator is a man of substance, well fed and short-winded. He trotted backwards and forwards before the palakos, with his new messmate at his heels modestly covering his face. His speech was interpreted as to this effect: "This man has had difficulty in getting into this position; he has been a long while about it, but we have now let him in. He has spent a great deal of money on these palakos and decorations, and he gives many pigs; he does the thing very handsomely." Then the pigs were brought out one by one and smacked by the giver of the feast, as he handed them over to another great man who decided where they were to go. There were four or five great fat beasts, each with his own name, and several more of lesser dignity. As each pig was smacked, three other great men blew a loud blast on conch-shells. Then the new man laid out his money on the ground, and the conchs were blown again. The last act of the ceremony was the appearance of another great man with a bow and arrows. He and the modest host, with his palm-leaf over his face, capered about for a while, and then he made his speech to this effect: "The man who undertook to introduce this new member to his present position is dead; but I have taken him up instead. He has done handsomely—pigs, money, and everything that is right." Then he rushed at the biggest pig, whose name was Puss, and shot him with two arrows, much to his disgust. This was only a form of killing the pig, for the arrows were quite light ones. After this the host himself made a little