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Arts of Life.

charms are fixed and hung on to the stem to secure quiet seas and a favourable result to expeditions[1]. Canoes of importance in these islands also have names, and festivities follow their

Figure-head of Florida Canoe.

completion; one made at Olevuga was named Biku, after a relation of the owner; it would carry thirty paddlers and

    a rest for spears forming part of a rib-piece cut out of a slab of wood and used to stiffen a canoe amidships. The figures represent a crocodile and a dog above, two men and two cockatoos below. To this rib-piece the cleats on the planks are seen to be lashed.

  1. In the woodcut above not only are the head, which, represents that taken when the canoe was first used, and the hanging board, which swings above the waves with a soothing motion, full of mana, but the bamboo tubes above wound round with red braid are stuffed with tindalo relics and leaves for protection and success.