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Arts of Life.

talai, clam shell, for iron. In Florida, Solomon Islands, a stone adze was gila, the ira of San Cristoval, and whence they took halo for iron is not explained. It is interesting to observe that in Lepers' Island, the stone adzes were called talai maeto, black clam shell, a name now given to iron; the native adze was evidently at first of shell, talai, and when stone was used the old name was retained. They still use the til, a volute shell,
Shell Adze. Lepers' Island.

Stone Adze. San Cristoval.
for working the inside of their canoes. Another shell, the tive, was used in the Banks' Islands for a chisel. The rapidity with which the shell and stone implements give way to iron is surprising. Santa Cruz was very little visited, almost unvisited, ten years ago, and it was difficult to get any shell specimens even five years ago. The crookedness and slightness of the wooden handles used in the Solomon Islands is surprising. For cutting threads, shaving, and fine carving,