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lizards. So one day when the old woman went into the garden to work and to bring back food for the three of them, she said to those two, Don't you go there! and they answered, Very well, we shall not go. And she went out of the house, and went into the gardens, and those two brothers played with their bows, shooting lizards. After a while one said to the other, It would be a good thing to go and see what it is where the old woman has forbidden us to go. Very well, said the other, let us go; so they went, and they saw that via leaf and the water in it. Then they saw a lizard sitting on a part of that leaf, and one of them shot at it, but missed the lizard and hit the leaf, and the water that was in it burst quickly forth. And the old woman heard it, and perceived that those two had probably shot the leaf. And she stood up and cried with a loud voice, Horodali bulu, horodali bulu! and twice again, Dali ure, dali ure! (Pour round about and meet! Round about the world!) And thus the sea for the first time stood full around the whole world, for before that they say there was no sea. So the old woman you may say made the sea herself.



1. The Story of Dilingavuv. Torres Islands.

They were living in their place, and his companions made a garden, and planted bananas in it. When the bananas bore fruit and ripened Dilingavuv went every day and ate bananas in their garden, not eating on the ground, but climbing into the trees and eating. After a while he was discovered; one of the party went into the garden and saw him up in a banana-tree eating; so he ran and told the others. Says he, You fellows, I have seen the one who steals and eats our bananas. Then said Maraw-hihi, Hew out bows for us to go and shoot and kill him. But they said, Marawhihi, no one will be able to shoot and kill him. I will shoot him and kill him, said Marawhihi. It is wholly impossible, said they. However