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D. APPLETON & CO.'S PUBLICATIONS. n~^HE ICE AGE IN NORTH AMERICA, and its J- Bearings upon the Antiquity of Man. By G. Frederick Wright, D. D., LL. D. With 152 Maps and Illustrations. Third edition, containing Appendix on the " Probable Cause of Glaciation," by Warren Upham, F. G. S. A., and Supplement- ary Notes. 8vo. 625 pages, and complete Index. Cloth, $5.00. "Prof. Wright's work is great enough to be called monumental. There is not a page that is not instructive and suggestive. It is sure to make a reputation abroad as well as at home for its distinguished author, as one of the most active and intelligent of the living students of natural science and the special department of glacial action." —Philadelphia BulUtin. n^HE GREAT ICE AGE, and its Relation to the J- Antiquity of Man. By James Geikie, F. R. S. E., of H. M. Geological Surs-ey of Scotland. With Maps and Illustrations. l2mo. Cloth, $2.50. A systematic account of the Glacial epoch in England and Scotland, with special reference to its changes of climate. 'J^HE CAUSE OF AN ICE AGE. By Sir Robert -* B.LL, LL. D., F. R. S., Royal Astronomer of Ireland, author of "Starland." The first volume in the Modern Science Se- ries, edited by Sir John Lubbock. i2mo. Cloth, $1.00. "An exceedingly bright and interesting discussion of some of the marvelous phys- ical revolutions of whicli our earth has been the scene. Of the various ages traced and located by scientists, none is more interesting or can be more so than the Ice age, and never have its phenomena been more clearly and graphically described, or its causes more definitely located, than in this thriUingly interesting volume." — Boston Traveller. O WN GEOIOG Y. By the Rev. Charles Kikgsley, F. L. S., F. G. S., Canon of Chester. i2mo. Cloth, $1.50. " I have tried rather to teach the method of geolog>' than its facts ; to furnish the student with a key to all geology; rough indeed and rudimentary, but sure and sound enough, I trust, to help him to unlock most geological problems which may meet him in any quarter of the globe." — Fro7n the Preface. AN AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL RAILWAY ^^ GUIDE. Giving the Geological Formation along the Rail- roads, with Altitude above Tide-water, Notes on Interesting Places on the Routes, and a Description of each of the Forma- tions. By James Macfarlane, Ph. D., and more than Seventy- five Geologists. Second edition, 426 pp., 8vo. Cloth, $2.50. " The idea is an original one. . . . Mr. Macfarlane has produced a ver^' convenient 3od serviceable hand-book, available alike to the practical geologist, to the student of that science, and to the intelligent traveler who would like to know the country through which he is passing." — Boston Evening Transcript. New York: D. APPLETON & CO., i, 3, & 5 Bond Street. T