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in the cells of the cotyledons, as do all the parts of the young seedling at this period. In fact, these stores in

Fig. 3.—I. Longitudinal section through the posterior half of the embryo, in a plane at right angles to the plane of separation between the cotyledons (slightly magnified). II. Germinating embryo, with one cotyledon removed. III. Acorn in an advanced stage of germination. a, the scar: s, pericarp; sh, testa; b, plumule; st, petioles of cotyledons, from between which the plumule, b, emerges; hc. hypocotyl; c, cotyledons; f, vascular bundles; w, radicle (primary root) ; w', secondary roots. Root-hairs are seen covering the latter and the anterior part of the primary root in III. (After Sachs.)