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lines), turning to one side and becoming continuous in the fifth internode with a strand coming off from another leaf situated at another of the angles at a different level. The strands which stand next to this median one—one on each side (ms)—at first also pass

Fig. 10.—Diagram of the course of the bundles M, s, and s' of Fig. 10, as they pass out of the stem into the base of the leaf-stalk. mm is the median bundle, and ms, ms its two companions (M in Fig. 9, A); l, l are the lateral bundles s and s' of Fig. 9, A. The small branches fst go into the stipules. (After Frank.)

vertically down together with it, but at about the second or third internode below they break up into smaller strands, which again join with strands coming from other leaves situated at other nodes and angles.

If we again compare the figures, it will be seen that the three strands just traced come down in the angle of the stem, only turning aside lower down—the median strand mm, indeed, running actually in the angle through five internodes.