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about for some other traces of his friend, he heard his voice down in the pit; so lifting up the stone he drew out Canneloro, with all the others whom the ogre had buried alive to fatten. Then embracing each other with great joy, the two friends went home, where Fenicia, seeing them so much alike, did not know which to choose for her husband; but when Canneloro took off his cap, she saw the wound, and recognized and embraced him. And after staying there a month, taking his amusement, Fonzo wished to return to his own country, and to go back to his nest; and Canneloro wrote by him to his mother, bidding her come and partake of his greatness, which she did, and from that time forward he never would hear either of dogs or of hunting, recollecting the saying,

"Unhappy is he who corrects himself at his own cost."

This story was ended just at the time when the Sun, like a student expelled from school, has an hour allowed him to take his departure from the fields of the Sky; whereupon the Prince commanded Fabiello, the master of the robes, and Ghiacovuccio, the steward of the household, to be called, that they should come and give the dessert to the day's feast. And lo! they appeared as quick