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Then followed this:—


"Come forth, come forth, O Sun!
Shine on the Emperor.
My little box of silver,
Which is worth four hundred.
One hundred and fifty.
Sings the whole night long.
Sings Viola,
The master of the school.
O master, O master.
Send us away quickly!
For Master Tiesto's coming down
With lances and with swords,
And follow'd by the birds.
Sound, sound the little pipe.
For I'll buy you a little gown,
A little gown of scarlet red.
But if you don't play, I'll break your head."


Nor did they omit the following:—


"Sun, sun, keep off the rain!
For I must turn the corn and grain
Of Master Giuliano.
O Master, lend me a lance,
For I will go to France,
From France to Lombardia,
Where dwells my fair Lucia."


Whilst they were in the midst of the singing, the dishes were placed upon the table, and they ate till they were near bursting. Then Taddeo told Zeza to begin, and usher in the day with her song: so, in accordance with the command of the Prince, she spoke as follows.