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when the Cock, the ringleader of the birds, excites them all to arm mankind against the Night, and Ciommo went with the geese to the accustomed spot, the king followed him closely; and when the geese came to the seashore, without Ciommo, who remained as usual in the little shed, the king saw Marziella rise out of the water. And after giving the geese a trayfull of sweetmeats to eat and a cup-full of rose-water to drink, she seated herself on a rock and began to comb her locks, from which fell handfuls of pearls and garnets; at the same time a cloud of flowers dropped from her mouth, and under her feet was a Syrian carpet of lilies and violets.

When the king saw this sight, he ordered Ciommo to be called, and pointing to Marziella, asked him whether he knew that beautiful maiden. Then Ciommo recognizing his sister ran to embrace her, and in the presence of the king heard from her all the treacherous conduct of Troccola, and how the envy of that wicked creature had brought that fair fire of love to dwell in the waters of the sea.

The joy of the king is not to be told at the acquisition of so fair a jewel; and turning to the brother, he said that he had good reason to praise Marziella so much, and indeed that he found her three times more beautiful than he had described her; he deemed her therefore more