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she fell to weeping in such a manner, that every person present was affected at the sight.

Taddeo, who from Zoza's tears and the Slave's silence discerned the truth of the matter, gave Lucia such a scolding as he would scarcely have bestowed on a jackass, and made her confess her treachery with her own lips. Then he gave instant orders that she should be buried alive up to her neck, that she might die a more painful death. And embracing Zoza, he caused her to be treated with all honour as his Princess and wife, sending to invite the King of Woody-Valley to come to the feasts.

With these fresh nuptials terminated the greatness of the Slave and the amusement of these Stories. And much good may they do you, and promote your health! and may you lay them down as unwillingly as I do, taking my leave with regret at my heels and a good spoonful of honey in my mouth.