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are she who turns to your own mill the stream of our hopes! you it is who have stolen the favour of the prince! but you are come to an end of your tricks, my fine lady! you are nimble enough in running off[1]; but you are caught in your tricks this time, and if you escape, you were not born in nine months."

So saying they flew upon her, and instantly tore her in pieces, and each of them took her part. But the youngest would not join in this cruel act; and when she was invited by her sisters to do as they did, she would take nothing but a lock of those golden hairs. So when they had done, they went quickly away by the passage through which they had come.

Meanwhile the chamberlain came to make the bed, and water the flowerpot, according to his master's orders; and seeing this pretty piece of work, he had like to have died with terror. Then, biting his nails with vexation, he set to work, gathered up the remains of the flesh and bones that were left, and scraping the blood from the floor, he piled them all up in a heap in the pot; and having watered it, he made the bed, locked the door, put the key under the door, and taking to his heels ran away out of the town.

When the prince came back from the chase, he

  1. Aje pegliato vajano. Vajano is a village near Naples, and from its similarity of sound to vai, va, has arisen the saying, pigliar vajano, (se ne andare), to go away.