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single hour. No care, no precaution, no previous course of medicine—no certain antidote can be prescribed. In daring it from necessity, you must rest satisfied with following the advice given, and taking those measures which, however vain in many cases, experience has sanctioned, and throw yourself upon the mercy of God for the rest.

And this we had done to the best of our ability. We were told that the preceding three days' norte was, to a certain degree, in our favour, as during its continuance the pestilence abates something of its virulence. On shipboard we might be considered to be in no danger; but we had passed two or three hours within reach of the infection; and though there was a strong impulse in our bosoms to chant Te Deum, there was that uncertainty in our position which mingled the wailing accents of Miserere mei, Deus! with the song of praise.


The castle of San Juan de Ulua belongs to that class of fortresses whose real strength is much more remarkable, than their outward appearance is striking or picturesque. It lies low on the water, in the midst of the harbourage, having for its base nothing more elevated than a mere sand bank, of which the shallow flats form its defence to the seaward. We had a permit for the inspection of the interior, but were in nowise tempted to take advantage of it. The morning passed away swiftly, in making the necessary arrangements for the voyage; and the afternoon, in hourly expectation of departure. One by one, our fellow-passengers came dropping in; and all being on board by five in the evening, we were glad and thankful to weigh anchor, and see the bow of the handsome vessel turned to the northeast. The sun set in haze and cloud, over the summits of the distant Cordillera. Orizava was completely covered. The wind was favourable, and long before dawn, we had lost sight of the coast of New Spain.


And now what would you have me say more.