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Kabir, the son of a father who used to do such things, so succeeded that he became celebrated in the three worlds.

All the chamdrs l of my family even still go round Banaras removing dead cattle,

Yet strict Brahmans prostrate themselves before their offspring, Rav Das, the slave of God s slaves.

The following hymn was composed in reply to a Brahman who inquired how Rav Das could obtain salvation :


By what devotion shall I meet my Beloved, the Lord of souls ?
The supreme state is obtained by association with saints.
Soiled is my vesture, 2 how long shall I wash it ?
How long shall I remain in this sleep 3 which hath come upon me ?
The things 4 to which I was attached have all perished ;
The shop of spurious traffic hath closed. 5
Saith Rav Das, when my account is taken,
I shall see whatever I have done recorded to my credit.


A HYMN of Mira Bai is preserved in the Granth Sahib of Bhai Banno, which can be seen at Mangat in the Gujrat district of the Pan jab, but it is not included in Guru Arjan's collection.

Mira Bai was daughter of Ratan Singh Rathaur of Merata, a town between Bikaner and Jodhpur in Rajputana. She was born about A.D. 1504. She appears to have inherited her religious proclivities

1 Leather-cutters supposed by the higher Hindu castes to be unclean.

2 Until God enters it, it is hopeless to suppose my heart can be purified.

3 Spiritual ignorance.

4 The pleasures of the world.

5 I have no longer dealings with the world.