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The sandal-tree by its perfume is pleasant to the other trees of the forest ;
Through God who was before all things and who perfumeth like sandal, common wood becometh sandal.[1]
Thou, O God, art as the philosopher's stone ; I am as the iron ; in Thine association I have become gold.
Thou art compassionate, Thou art the jewel and the ruby.
Nama hath been absorbed in the True One.

Man cannot hope to obtain bliss until he has learnt to know God who is within him.


The inscrutable Being invented a play —
God is concealed in every heart,
No one knoweth the nature of the soul's light ;[2]
What we ourselves have done Thou knowest.
As an earthen vessel is produced from clay,
So Vitthal created the world.
The soul's entanglements depend on its acts ;
It is itself responsible for what it hath done.
Namdev representeth, the soul obtaineth the result of its thoughts ;
The soul which always remaineth fixed on the Inscrutable One, becometh immortal.[3]


Trilochan, a name which literally means three-eyed, that is, seer of the present, past, and future, was a celebrated saint of the Vaisya caste. His birth is said to have taken place in the year A. D. 1267 .[4] He

  1. Men become holy by devotion and pious association.
  2. Since it comes from God and has not been made by man.
  3. Shall no longer be subject to transmigration.
  4. The dates of birth of Trilochan and several other Bhagats have been given to the author by Sādhu Jānkībar Saran of Ajudhia.