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servant who required so much attention that she had to spend all her days grinding corn and cooking for him. This was reported to Antarjami and he promptly disappeared.

When the time came to wait on the saints, Antar jami could not be found. Trilochan became very much grieved, and, rebuking his wife, told her that it was through her indiscretion Antarjami had left their service. When Trilochan's grief had lasted for three days it is said that he was comforted by divine interposition. He consequently applied him self to the praise and contemplation of the one true God. His sorrow was then dispelled.

The following hymns of Trilochan are found in the Granth Sahib :—

Sri Rag

Trilochan admonishes mortals.

The heart feeleth great worldly love, O mortal, through which man forgetteth old age and the fear of death.
O fool, thou art pleased on beholding thy family, like a thief on espying his neighbour's house.
When the powerful myrmidons of Death come with a rush,
I cannot withstand them.
May some friend come and speak to me ![1]
Come to me, my God, throw Thine arms around me !
Come to me, my God, and rescue me !
In various pleasures and royal state, O mortal, hast thou forgotten God, and deemest thyself the only immortal one in this world.
Deceived by mammon thou hast not thought of God, and hast lost thy life, O heedless man.
Mortal, thou must tread a difficult and terrible path where neither sun nor moon hath entrance.

When man hath abandoned the world, he forgetteth his worldly love.

  1. That is, give me spiritual consolation.