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11 (Aside, with great vehemence). "Wild with adoration I Mad with fascination I To indulge ray lamentation No occasion do I miss 1 Goaded to distraction By maddening inaction, I find some satisfaction In apostrophe like this : " Marmaduke immortal, " Marmaduke divine, "Take me to thy portal, "Loved one, oh, be mine!" (Aloud, with much ceremony'). Chivalry is an ingredient Sadly lacking in our land ; Sir, I am your most obedient, Most obedient to command! During this duet, a small talk has been placed c. up stage, by MRS. PARTLET. The NOTARY has entered, and prepares marriage contract behind table. RECIT. NOTARY. All is prepared for sealing and for signing, The contract has been drafted as agreed; Approach the table, oh ye lovers pining, With hand and seal come execute the deed ! ALEXIS and ALINE advance and sign, ALEXIS supported by SIR MARMADUKE (R.), ALINE by her Mother (L.) CHOKUS. See they sign, without a quiver, it Then to seal proceed. They deliver it they deliver it As their act and deed ! ALEXIS. I deliver it I deliver it As my act and deed ! ALINE. I deliver it I deliver it As my act and deed ! CHORUS. "With heart and with voice Let us welcome this mating; Leave them here to rejoice, With true love palpitating, Alexis the brave, And the lovely Aline !

(Exeunt all but ALEXIS and ALINB.