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28 SONG DR. DALY. Oh, my voice is sad and low, And with timid step I go For with load of love o'erladen I enquire of every maiden, " Will you wed me, little lady 7 "Will you share my cottage shady?" Little lady answers " No! " Thank you for your kindly proffer " Good your heart, and full your coffer; " Yet I must decline your offer " I'm engaged to so-and-so 1 " So-and-so 1 So-and-so ! (Flageolet.) She's engaged to so-and-so! What a rogue young hearts to pillage I What a worker on Love's tillage! Every maiden in the village Is engaged to so-and-so! So-and-so ! So-and-so I (Flageolet.) All engaged to so-and-so I (At the end of the song DR. DALY sees ALINE, and, under the influence of the potion, fatts in love with her.) ENSEMBLE ALINE and DR. DALY. Oh, joyous boon! oh, mad delight! Oh, sun and moon ! oh, day and night! Rejoice, rejoice with me ! Proclaim our joy, ye birds above Ye brooklets, murmur forth our love, In choral ecstacy : ALINE. Oh, joyous boon ! DR. D. Oh, mad delight ! ALINE. Oh, sun and moon ! DR. D. Oh, day and night ! BOTH. Ye birds, and brooks, and fruitful trees, With choral joy delight the breeze "Rejoice, rejoice with me 1 Enter ALEXIS. ALEXIS. ( With rapture) Aline, my only love, my happiness ! The philtre have you tasted it ? ALINE. ( With confusion) Yes, yes I V ALEXIS. Oh, joy ! mine, mine forever, and fpr aye ! (Embraces her.) ALINE. (L. c.) Alexis, don't do that you must not ! (DR. DALY interposes between them)

ALEXIS. (Amazed.) Why?