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Oh, mother do not ask! If my complexion
From red to white should change in quick succession-
And then from while to red, oh, take no notice!
If my poor limbs shall tremble with emotion,
Pay no attention, mother it is nothing I
If long and deep drawn sighs I chance to utter,
Oh, heed them not their cause must ne'er be known!

Mrs. F. My child, be candid—think not to deceive
The eagle eyed pew opener—you love!
Con (Aside.) How guessed she that, my heart's most cherished secret?

(Aloud.) I do—love— fondly—madly—hopelessly!


When he is here,
I sigh with pleasure—
When he is gone,
I sigh with grief.
My hopeless fear
No soul can measure—
His love alone
Can give my aching heart relief!
When he is cold,
I weep for sorrow—
When he is kind,
I weep for joy.
My grief untold
Knows no to-morrow—
My woe can find
No hope, no solace, no alloy!

(At the end of the song, Mrs. Partlet silently motions to women to leave them together. Exeunt chorus, l.)

Mrs. P.

Come, tell me all about it I Do not fear—
I, too, have loved!; but that was long ago!
Who is the object of your young affections?

Con. Hush, mother! He is here!

Enter Dr. Daly, from l., on terrace and down steps c. He is pensive and does not see them. He goes down stage and sits on stool, l. c.

Mrs. P. (Amazed.)Our reverend vicar!
Con. Oh pity me my heart is almost broken!
Mrs. P.

My child, be comforted, To such an union
I shall not offer any opposition.
Take him—he's yours! May you and he be happy!

Con. But, mother dear, he is not yours to give!
Mrs. P. That's true, indeed!
Con. He might object!
Mrs. P. He might.
But come—take heart I'll probe him on the subject.
Be comforted—leave this affair to me.