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For geese and ducks the stuffing may be made the same as for turkey, with the addition of a few slices of onion chopped fine.


THIS is made with the same ingredients as the above, with the exception of half a can of oysters drained and slightly chopped and added to the rest. This is used mostly with boiled turkey and chicken, and the remainder of the can of oysters used to make an oyster sauce to be poured over the turkey when served; served gen- erally in a separate dish, to be dipped out as a person desires.

These recipes were obtained from an old colored cook, who was famous for his fine dressing for fowls, fish and meats, and his advice was, always soak stale bread in cold liquid, either milk or water, when ^lsed for stuffings or for puddings, as they were much lighter. Hot liquid makes them heavy.


PREPAKE as you would for baking or roasting ; fill with an oyster stuffing, made as the above. Tie the legs and wings close to the body, place in salted boiling water with the breast downward; skim it often and boil about two hours, but not till the skin breaks. Serve with oyster or celery sauce. Boil a nicely pickled piece of salt pork, and serve at table a thin slice to each plate. Some prefer bacon or ham instead of pork.

Some roll the turkey in a cloth dipped in flour. If the liquor is to be used afterwards for soup, the cloth imparts an unpleasant flavor. The liquor can be saved and made into a nice soup for the next day's dinner, by adding the same seasoning as for chicken soup.


PICK the meat from the bones of cold turkey and chop it fine. Put a layer of bread crumbs on the bottom of a buttered dish, mois- ten them with a little milk, then put in a layer of turkey with some of the filling, and cut small pieces of butter over the top ; sprinkle with pepper and salt ; then another layer of bread crumbs, and so on until the dish is nearly full ; add a little hot water to the gravy left from the turkey and pour over it ; then take two eggs, two table- spoonfuls of milk, one of melted butter, a little salt and cracker

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