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pudding dish, line the sides with a rich crust. Have ready some hard- boiled eggs cut in slices. Put in a layer of egg and birds and gravy until the dish is full. Cover with a crust and bake.


SPLIT them down the back and broil the same as chicken ; season- ing well with salt, pepper and plenty of butter. Broil slices of salt po?'k, very thin ; place a slice over each bird and serve.


CUT into dice three ounces of salt pork ; divide six wild squabs into pieces at the joints; remove the skin. Cut up four potatoes into small squares, and prepare a dozen small dough balls.

Put into a yellow, deep baking dish the pork, potatoes and squabs, and then the balls of dough, season with salt, white pepper, a dash of mace or nutmeg ; add hot water enough to cover the ingredients, cover with a " short" pie-crust and bake in a moderate oven three-quarters of an hour.

Palmer House, Chicago.


SKIN the head and neck of the bird, pluck the feathers, and truss it by bringing the beak of the bird under the wing, and fastening the pinion to the thigh ; twist the legs at the knuckles and press the feet upon the thigh. Put a piece of bread under each bird to catch the drippings, baste with butter, dredge with flour, and roast fifteen or twenty minutes with a sharp fire. When done, cut the bread in dia- mond shape, each piece large enough to stand one bird upon, place them aslant on your dish, and serve with gravy enough to moisten the bread; serve some in the dish and some in the tureen; garnish with slices of lemon. Boast from twenty to twenty-five minutes.


SNIPE are similar to woodcock, and may be served in the same manner ; they will require less time to roast.


PICK and draw them very carefully, salt and dredge with flour, and roast with a quick fire ten or fifteen minutes. Serve on toast with

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