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two or more hours according to the size. Just before it is done, pull it forward in the oven, and brush it over with beaten egg ; push it back and let it slightly brown.

Windsor Hotel, Montnal. VENISON HASHED.

Cur the meat in nice small slices, and put the trimmings and bones into a saucepan with barely water enough to cover them. Let them stew for an hour. Then strain the liquid into a stewpan; add to it some bits of butter, rolled in flour, and whatever gravy was left of the venison the day before. Stir in some currant jelly, and give it a boil up. Then put in the meat, and keep it over the fire just long enough to warm it through; but do not allow it to boil, as it has been once cooked already.


CUT a breast of venison into steaks ; make a quarter 01 a pound of butter hot in a pan ; rub the steaks over with a mixture of a little salt and pepper; dip them in wheat flour, or rolled crackers, and fry a rich brown ; when both sides are done, take them up on a dish, and put a tin cover over ; dredge a heaping teaspoonf ul of flour into the butter in the pan, stir it with a spoon until it is brown, without burn- ing ; put to it a small teacupf ul of boiling water, with a tablespoonf ul of currant jelly dissolved into it ; stir it for a few minutes, then strain it over the meat and serve. A glass of wine, with a tablespoonful of white sugar dissolved in it, may be used for the gravy, instead of the jelly and water. Venison may be boiled, and served with boiled vege- tables, pickled beets, etc., and sauce.

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