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MEATS. 115

then add half a pint of water, and stew until tender. If the flavor of onion is liked, a slice may be chopped fine and added to the dress- ing. When cooked sufficiently, take out the meat, thicken the gravy, and turn over it. To be carved cutting crosswise, in slices, through beef and stuffing.


THIS mode is similar to the above recipe, but many might prefer it.

Prepare a good dressing, such as you like for turkey or duck ; take a round steak, pound it, but not very hard, spread the dressing over it, sprinkle in a little salt, pepper, and a few bits of butter, lap over the ends, roll the steak up tightly and tie closely; spread two great spoonfuls of butter over the steak after rolling it up, then wash with a well-beaten egg, put water in the bake-pan, lay in the steak so as not to touch the water, and bake as you would a duck, basting often. A half -hour in a brisk oven will bake. Make a brown gravy and send to the table hot.


PROCURE a well-corned flank of beef say six pounds. Wash it, and remove the inner and outer skin with the gristle. Prepare a sea- soning of one teaspoonful each of sage, parsley, thyme, pepper and cloves. Lay your meat upon a board and spread this mixture over the inside. Boll the beef up tight, fasten it with small skewers, put a cloth over it, bandage the cloth with tape, put the beef into the stew- pot, cover it with water to the depth of an inch, boil gently six hours ; take it out of the water, place it on a board without undoing it ; lay a board on top of the beef, put a fifty pound weight upon this board, and let it remain twenty-four hours. Take off the bandage, garnish with green pickles and curled parsley, and serve.


BUY the best of beef, or that part which will be the most lean and tender. The tender part of the round is a very good piece. For every twenty pounds of beef use one pint of salt, one teaspoonful of saltpetre, and a quarter of a pound of brown sugar. Mix them well together, and rub the beef well with one-third of the mixture for three successive days. Let it lie in the liquor it makes for six days, then hang up to dry.

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