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MEATS. 119

into halves ; scrape four carrots and four parsnips each cut into four pieces. Into the kettle with the meat, about half an hour before serv- ing, pour on more water from the boiling tea-kettle, and into this put peeled medium-sized potatoes. This dinner should also be ac- companied by boiled beets, sliced hot, cooked separate from the rest, with vinegar over them. Cooking the cabbage separately from the meat prevents the meat from having the flavor of cabbage when cold. The carrots, parsnips and turnips will boil in about an hour. A piece of salt pork was usually boiled with a "New England boiled dinner."


TAKE two pounds of raw, tender beefsteak, chop it very fine, put into it salt, pepper and a little sage, two tablespoonfuls of melted butter; add two rolled crackers made very fine, also two well-beaten eggs. Make it up into the shape of a roll and bake it ; baste with but- ter and water before baking. Cut in slices when cold.


CUT it in rather thin slices, say a quarter of an inch thick; pour over it boiling water, which closes the pores of the meat, makes it im- pervious to the fat, and at the same time seals up the rich juice of the meat. It may be rolled in flour or bread crumbs, seasoned with salt and pepper, dipped in egg and fried in hot fat mixed with one- third butter.


FIRST have your beef nicely pickled ; let it stay in pickle a week ; then take the thin, flanky pieces, such as will not make a handsome dish of themselves, put on a large potful, and let them boil until per- fectly done ; then pull to pieces, and season just as you do souse, with pepper, salt and allspice ; only put it in a coarse cloth and press down upon it some very heavy weight.

The advantage of this recipe is that it makes a most acceptable, presentable dish out of a part of the beef that otherwise might be



GREASE the bottom of an iron pot, and place in it three or four pounds of beef; be very careful that it does not burn, and turn it until it is nicely browned. Set a muffin ring under the beef to pre-

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