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MEATS. 121


SHAVE your beef very fine. Put it into a suitable dish on the back of the stove ; cover with cold water and give it time to soak out to its original size before being dried. When it is quite soft and the water has become hot (it must not boil) take it off, turn off the water, pour on a cup of cream ; if you do not have it use milk and butter, a pinch of pepper ; let it come to a boil, thicken with a tablespoonf ul of flour wet up in a little milk. Serve on dipped toast or not, just as one fancies. A nice breakfast dish.


CHOP fine one cup of cold, cooked, lean beef, half a cup of fat, half a cup of cold boiled or fried ham ; cold pork will do if you have not the ham. Also mince up a slice of onion. Season all with a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper, and a teaspoonful of powdered sage or parsley if liked. Heat together with half a cup of stock or milk; when cool add a beaten egg. Form the mixture into balls, slightly flattened, roll in egg and bread crumbs, or flour and egg. Fry in hot lard or beef drippings. Serve on a platter and garnish with sprigs of parsley. Almost any cold meats can be used instead of beef.


TAKE cold roast or corned beef. Put it into a wooden bowl and chop it fine. Mix with it about twice the quantity of hot mashed potatoes well seasoned with butter and salt. Beat up an egg and work it into the potato and meat, then form the mixture into little cakes the size of fish balls Flatten them a little, roll in flour or egg and cracker crumbs, fry in butter and lard mixed, browning on both sides. Serve piping hot.


PUT in a stewpan an ounce of butter and a slice of onion minced fine ; when this simmers add a level tablespoonf ul of sifted flour ; stir the mixture until it becomes smooth and frothy ; then add half of a cupful of milk, some seasoning of salt and pepper; let all boil, stir- ring it all the while. Now add a cupful of cold meat chopped fine, and a cupful of cold or hot mashed potato. Mix all thoroughly and spread on a plate to cool. When it is cool enough, shape it with your hands into balls or rolls. Dip them in beaten egg and roll in cracker

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