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MEATS. 123

Cold hominy, or rice may be used in place of mashed potatoes,

and is equally as good.


CHOP rather finely cold roast beef or pieces of beefsteak, also chop twice as much cold boiled potatoes. Put over the fire a stewpan or frying pan, in which put a piece of butter as large as required to sea- son it well, add pepper and salt, moisten with beef gravy if you have it, if not, with hot water; cover and let it steam and heat through thoroughly, stirring occasionally, so that the ingredients be evenly distributed, and to keep the hash from sticking to the bottom of the pan. When done it should not be at all watery, nor yet dry, but have sufficient adhesiveness to stand well on a dish or buttered toast. Many like the flavor of onion ; if so, fry two or three slices in the but- ter before adding the hash. Corned beef makes excellent hash.


CHOP cold roast beef, or pieces of beefsteak ; fry half an onion in a piece of butter ; when the onion is brown, add the chopped beef ; sea- son with a little salt and pepper; moisten with the beef gravy, if you have any, if not, with sufficient water and a little butter; cook long enough to be hot, but no longer, as much cooking toughens the meat. An excellent breakfast dish.

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Some prefer to let a crust form on the bottom and turn the hash brown side uppermost. Served with poached eggs on top.


  • ?AKE a pound of raw flank or round steak, without any fat, bone

or stringy pieces. Chop it until a perfect mince, it cannot be chopped too fine. Also chop a small onion quite fine and mix well with the meat. Season with salt and pepper; make into cakes as large as. a biscuit, but quite flat, or into one large flat cake a little less than half an inch thick. Have ready a frying pan with butter and lard mixed; when boiling hot put in the steak and fry brown. Garnish with celery top around the edge of the platter and two or three slices of lemon on the top of the meat.

A brown gravy made from the grease the steak was fried in and poured over the meat enriches it.

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