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126 MEATS.


CUT a pound of tripe in narrow strips, put a small cup of water or milk to it, add a bit of butter the size of an egg, dredge in a large teaspoonf ul of flour, or work it with the butter ; season with pepper and salt, let it simmer gently for half an hour, serve hot. A bunch of parsley cut small and put with it is an improvement.

Some put in oysters five minutes before dishing up.


CUT up half a pound of cold boiled tripe into neat squares. Put two ounces of butter and a cablespoonful of chopped onion in a frying pan and fry to a delicate brown; add to the tripe a teaspoonf ul of chopped parsley and a little strong vinegar, salt and cayenne: stir the pan to prevent burning. Cover the bottom of a platter with tomato sauce, add the contents of the pan and serve.


DRIPPINGS accumulated from different cooked meats of beef or veal can be clarified by putting it into a basin and slicing into it a raw po- tato, allowing it to boil long enough for the potato to brown, which causes all impurities to disappear. Remove from the fire, and when cool drain it off from the sediment that settles at the bottom. Turn it into basins or small jars and set it in a cool place for future use. When mixed with an equal amount of butter it answers the same pur- pose as clear butter for frying and basting any meats except game and poultry.

Mutton drippings impart an unpleasant flavor to anything cooked

outside of its kind.


PREPARE it the same as any roast, leaving in the kidney, around which put considerable salt. Make a dressing the same as for fowls ; unroll the loin, put the stuffing well around the kidney, fold and se- cure with several coils of white cotton twine wound around in all di- rections ; place in a dripping-pan w ith the thick side down, and put in a rather hot oven, graduated after it commences to roast to moderate ; in half an hour add a little hot water to the pan, and baste often ; in another half hour turn over the roast, and when about done dredge lightly with flour and baste with melted butter. Before serving care-

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