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128 MEATS.

the pan over a slow fire for about ten minutes, then add two or three spoonfuls of warm water. Just boil it up and then let it stand to cool. Line a pudding-dish with a good suet crust, lay in the veal and bacon, pour the gravy over it ; roll out a piece of paste to form a lid, place it "over, press it close with the thumb, tie the basin in a pudding cloth and put it into a saucepan of boiling water, keeping continu- ally boiling until done, or about one hour.


PUT into a frying pan two or three tablespoonfuls of lard or beef drippings. When boiling hot lay in the cutlets, well seasoned with salt and pepper and dredged with flour. Brown nicely on both sides, then remove the meat, and if you have more grease than is nec- essary for the gravy put it aside for further use. Eeserve a table- spoonful or more and rub into it a tablespoonful of flour, with the back of the spoon, until it is a smooth, rich brown color; then add gradually a cup of cold water and season with pepper and salt. When the gravy is boiled up well return the meat to the pan and gravy. Cover it closely and allow it to stew gently on the back of the range for fifteen minutes. This softens the meat, and with this gravy it makes a nice breakfast dish.

Another mode is to simply fry the cutlets, and afterwards turn- ing off some of the grease they were fried in and then adding to that left in the pan a few drops of hot water, turning the whole over the

fried chops.


SPRINKLE over them salt and pepper, then dip them in beaten egg and cracker crumbs, and fry in drippings, or hot lard and butter mixed. If you wish a gravy with them, add a tablespoonful of flour to the gravy they were fried in and turn in cream or milk; season to taste with salt and pepper. Boil up and serve hot with the gravy in separate dish. This dish is very fine accompanied with a few sound fresh tomatoes, sliced and fried in the same grease the cutlets were, and all dished on the same platter.


CUT veal from the leg or other lean part into pieces the size of an oyster. Season with pepper, salt and a little mace ; rub some over

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