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MEATS. 133

a trivet or muffin rings in a dripping-pan ; put a cup of water into the pan, and set it in a hot oven ; turn it that it may brown evenly ; baste once or twice. Whilst this is doing, dip the prepared pieces of the head in wheat flour or batter, and fry in hot lard or beef drippings a delicate brown; season with pepper and salt and slices of lemon, if liked. When the roast is done put it on a hot dish, lay the fried pieces around it, and cover it with a tin cover ; put the gravy from the drip- ping-pan into the pan in which the pieces were fried, with the slices of lemon, and a tablespoonful of browned flour, and, if necessary, a little hot water. Let it boil up once, and strain it into a gravy boat, and serve with the meat.


BOIL a calf's head in water enough to cover it, until the meat leaves the bones ; then take it with a skimmer into a wooden bowl or tray ; take from it every particle of bone ; chop it small ; season with pep- per and salt, a heaping tablespoonful of salt and a teaspoonful of pepper will be sufficient; if liked, add a tablespoonful of finely chopped sweet herbs; lay in a cloth in a colander, put the minced meat into it, then fold the cloth closely over it, lay a plate over, and on it a gentle weight. When cold it may be sliced thin for supper or sandwiches. Spread each slice with made mustard.


WELL wash the brains and soak them in cold water until white. Parboil them until tender in a small -saucepan for about a quarter of an hour; then thoroughly drain them and place them on a board. Divide them into small pieces with a knife. Dip each piece into flour, and then roll them in egg and bread crumbs, and fry them in butter or well-clarified drippings. Serve very hot with gravy. Another way of doing brains is to prepare them as above, and then stew them gently in rich stock, like stewed sweetbreads. They are also nice plainly boiled and served with parsley and butter sauce.


PUT the head into boiling water and let it remain about five min- utes ; take it out, hold it by the ear, and with the back of the knife scrape of: the hair (should it not come off easily dip the head again

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