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MEATS. 139

If green peas or Lima beans are in season, you may boil them and put them to the hashed mutton, leaving out the other vegetables, or serving them up separately.


LOIN of mutton, pepper and salt, a small piece of butter. Cut the chops from a tenderloin of mutton, remove a portion of the fat, and trim them into a nice shape ; slightly beat and level them ; place the gridiron over a bright, clear fire, rub the bars with a little fat, and lay on the chops. While broiling frequently turn them, and in about eight minutes they will be done. Season with pepper and salt, dish them on a very hot dish, rub a small piece of butter on each chop, and serve very hot and expeditiously. Nice with tomato sauce poured over them.


PUT into a frying pan a tablespoonful of cold lard and butter mixed; have some fine mutton chops without much fat; trim off the skin. Dip each in wheat flour or rolled cracker and beaten egg, then lay them into the hot grease, sprinkle with salt and pepper, fry on both sides a fine brown. When done, take them up and place on a hot dish. If you wish a made gravy, turn off the superfluous grease, if any, stir into the hot gravy remaining a heaping spoonful of flour, stirring it until smooth and free from lumps, then turn into that a cup of cold water or milk ; season with pepper and salt, let it boil up thick. You can serve it in a separate dish or pour it over the chops. Tomato sauce is considered fine, turned over a dish of hot fried or broiled chops.


PREPARE the chops by trimming off all extra fat and skin, season them with salt and pepper, dip each chop in beaten egg, then in rolled cracker or bread crumbs ; dip again in the egg and crumbs, and so on until they are well coated with the crumbs. Have ready a deep spider containing a pound or more of lard, hot enough to fry crul- lers. Drop into this hot lard the chops, frying only a few at one time, as too many cool the fat. Fry them brown, and serve up hot and dry on a warm platter.

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